Student Code of Ethics

Students of Our Lady of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies are expected to follow the American Bar Association’s “Code of Student Conduct.” The following conduct code is the policy of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies. Violation of such is considered to be in conflict with school policy and is such grounds for dismissal.

  • All types of dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to the Institution and forgery, alteration or use of the documents or identification with intent to defraud.
    Intentional disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, public meetings and programs, or other school activities.
  • Physical abuse, sexual harassment, inappropriate sexual behavior and remarks toward any person on school premises or at functions sponsored or supervised by the school.
  • Theft or damage to the school premises, equipment, or damage of the property of a member of the school community on the school premises.
    Failure to comply with directions of Institutional officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  • Violation of the law on school premises in a way that affects the school community’s pursuit of its proper educational objectives. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled dangerous substances on school premises.

“Model Code for Student’s Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct,” prepared by the Law Students Division of the American Bar Association.