General Policies and Procedures

Student Complaint / Appeal Processpretty female college student sitting an exam in a classroom ful

Under due process entitlement, students may register their concerns regarding the academic experience (e.g., grades, instructor methodology, course assignments/requirements) through the academic appeals process. Appeals should be initiated within 10 days of the occurrence of the occasion for the concern in accordance with the following procedure:

Step 1.
The students must make an appointment and meet with the instructor/faculty member involved to attempt to resolve the matter. Bring any relevant materials including course outline, originals or copies of papers, lab reports, and examination grades.

Step 2.
If the matter is not resolved with the instructor/faculty member, the student should write a statement describing the exact nature of the appeal and make an appointment to meet with the Dean. The Dean will then make every attempt to resolve the matter. Once the Dean has had an opportunity to research the matter, the student will be informed of the findings. The research process may take up to two weeks before a decision is rendered.

Student Records

Each student’s file includes their application form, letters of reference, physician’s note, grade reports, tuition payment documentation, and copies of all correspondence between the school and the student only. Parents and legal guardians are only allowed access to student files upon signed release by the student. Records are maintained and kept confidential by the Dean/Main Office/Registrar.


The fee for private tutoring sessions is $40 per hour divided by the amount of students in the tutorial session. Students must submit payment to the instructor directly via check or money order payable to: Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies (LIWS) immediately after services rendered. If a student is paying by credit card, contact the Coordinator to charge the student’s card immediately after services have been rendered. If a student does not provide 24 hours’ notice prior to canceling a private tutoring session; he/she will be charged a $40 cancellation fee. A form must be completed and signed by the faculty member and also by the students involved.

All make up work including missed tests, assignments, and classes must be completed within ten days. The instructor and student will be responsible for arranging material and time for these occurrences with the understanding that LIWS will provide facilities for re-testing should it be necessary.