Our Culture is Our Special Sauce

LIWS Instructor Massage School Stories and JourneysLourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies: Our Culture is Our Special Sauce

I have been teaching at LIWS since 1996 with my first class as Sports Massage. I had experience and knowledge in the field however, I was still scared and I came in over prepared. This is how most of our instructors at LIWS respond when teaching for the first time.

We are all practicing therapists who keep up on the latest developments in the industry. We take pride in what we do in our own practices and in the classes we teach. We are a very highly respected massage school because we turn out knowledgeable and prepared therapists. We instill in our students the learning bug by emphasizing the importance of continuing to learn and grow.

Let me tell you a little about myself…

My name is David Egan. As a former gymnast, swimmer, diver, and triathlete, I have always been an athlete and will always train like an athlete. I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with my first job upon graduation in a physical therapy setting. I spent nine years there gaining much knowledge and experience while working with patients guiding them through their exercise regimen. During this time, I continued to learn and grow by earning my massage certification and also learned a new and effective stretching technique (Active Isolated Stretching). I then went out on my own using massage, stretching and strength training to help my clients improve their fitness and their lives.

Today, I run a successful private practice in Marlton, NJ at The Firm Fitness Center. My clients vary in age and ability. They run the gamut from young athletes to older clients trying to stay functionally fit. Many of my clients come to me as a last resort. They have seen multiple clinicians and have not received the help they needed. Maryann is the perfect example. She came to me at 69 years of age last April with being 150 lbs. overweight with severe knee, hip and back pain and diabetes. I told her in the first session that she was capable of doing anything she wanted to do. If she listened to me, she would get to where she wanted to be. As of this April, she has lost 100 lbs., her pain disappeared and no more diabetes. This was all with stretching, body weight exercise and core strength. I also work closely with Dr. Pileggi. He uses his Corrective Muscle Therapy to help his patients. He then will send them to me for strength and stabilization. A good example is Katherine a 78 year old women who plays tennis and is very active with hamstring problems. Dr. Pileggi helped to release the hamstrings and sent her to me for strength and stability. We made a plan and she is on her way to getting back to full speed. She doesn’t want to slow down.

LIWS Massage School Education Certification TeamworkWhy do I love to teach at LIWS? Everyone has a great attitude, we don’t have any overly big egos, and we are team players. This profession brings out the best in people, students and teachers. We are all here to learn and there is not one class I teach when I do not learn something from my students. It is inspiring to see the students learn and grow. Many of them are so hungry to learn it is fun to see and be around.

I teach Environmental Management which is a foundation class that helps the students with body mechanics and taking care of their mental and emotional well-being in the profession. Another core class is Palpation and Kinesiology that is taken after Anatomy & Physiology. This class, in my mind is important because they learn how to find the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues within the body. It gives them a better vocabulary and the ability to easily explain what, where and why they are doing what they are doing when they work on clients. One of my favorite classes to teach is Active Isolated Stretching which is a class the students can use for their self-care and to help their clients. I also teach many continuing education classes i.e.; Advanced Hip and Back, Advanced Neck, and Advanced Shoulder and Arm. I will continue to teach at LIWS as long as they will have me.

(Continuing Education Courses, Environmental Management, Isolated Stretching Techniques, Palpation & Kinesiology): David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Temple University. After graduation, he worked in a physical therapy setting for nine years overseeing patient exercise programs. During that time, David returned to school for a certification in massage therapy but he found one of his true passions when he was Introduced to Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). He earned his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification in 1990 from National Strength & Conditioning Association. David immediately realized the many benefits of AIS and has been using it in his practice and teaching it for more than 15 years. David has been an instructor at LIWS since 1996 teaching Environmental Management, Active Isolated Stretching, and multiple continuing education courses.