More than a Massage School I: Healing with Passion and Excitement!

LIWS Massage Therapy School Passion ExcitementTry to think back when you were a child and you fell down.   What was the first thing you did?

Most of us would grab the area and start whimpering or making some kind of sound to express we were in pain. We would call attention to the fact that something was wrong and we wanted someone to come and help; that someone was usually a parent; or a close friend; and they would lay their hands on the area of pain and start rubbing it. They would ask – is that feeling better – and most of the time we would say yes and go continue to play.

That is massage at its essence!

I have accomplished a lot in the musculoskeletal field, but I would not be where I am today if it were not for the wonderful field of Massage Therapy. It allowed me to start the journey of becoming a healer. I owe massage therapy so much for what it has given me. When I started with massage I needed the profession to help supplement my income so I could continue with my education. I then wanted massage therapy to hone my interpersonal skills with others so I could communicate clearly and effectively. Finally, I looked to massage therapy as a profession to establish myself within the holistic community sharing our knowledge to better our skills.

Learn to become a Massage Therapist at Lourdes LIWSMassage was and is a skill that must be a passion from within..

Otherwise, you are just a person pushing skin on another person. You have to have the passion to not only want to help another person lessen their pain, but you have to have the passion to listen; care; touch; guide; and provide an outlook to your clients so they can have a healing experience. I know it may sound hokey, but healing is the foundation of what we want to accomplish being holistic practitioners. However, to heal someone else you must heal yourself first. You have to clear yourself of all negativity, all mental cloudiness, if you don’t – well your back to being that person just pushing skin on another person.

Think about it.

Would you want to be with a person for an hour, who was not compassionate to your needs, didn’t want to listen to you, wouldn’t provide you and explanation of what is happening or what to do next?

I sure wouldn’t and I doubt you would too. Therefore, if you want to learn and bring those skills that lay deep within you to the forefront…, if you want to learn how to clear your own negativity and mental cloudiness so that you can become a true healing therapist – you must learn!

I have a passion for this field that is unequaled!

LIWS Best Massage Education Massage CoursesOne of the reasons why I came to Lourdes was I have a passion for this field that is unequaled. I see things within holistic therapies from a far different perspective that most do. I keep the reasons for my passion to myself for the most part, but what I definitely will always express, without hesitation is when I see someone doing something wrong that will cause harm to all. Coming up through the ranks I saw far too much of that, and I wanted a platform so I could correct that – Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies is my platform – with the help of my staff and instructors we have created what I feel is the best massage therapy school in the country, hands down.

Other schools may have better facilities, may have better equipment, and may have better parking spaces – I don’t care.

No school has better therapists or instructors, none.

As I stated earlier I have accomplished a lot in this field, more than anyone could ever imagine, it’s not my job, nor my career, it’s my life and my passion. The quality of education is one thing, but the depth of knowledge is another. The experiences you have while learning – that’s where you truly learn – applying your skills in real-life situations. My confidence is never in question, because of my education and experiences I am proud to be able to say that. I welcome you to find out for yourself- if you have that passion call Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies – we’d love to have you.

Dr. Pileggi is the Dean of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies (LIWS). He received his Masters Degree in Holistic Health Sciences and his Doctorate in Holistic Arts and Practices and is a nationally Registered Holistic Practitioner specializing in Advanced Bodywork and Somatic Therapies. He is the founder of Corrective Muscle Therapy®, holding certificates in over 20 modalities and Athletic Training. In addition to his studies, Dr. Pileggi spent five honored years training with the Shamans of the Abenaki American Indians in Northern Vermont. Along with his duties as Dean of LIWS, Dr. Pileggi has a Corrective Muscle Therapy practice in Burlington County and Cherry Hill as part of Lourdes Heath System. Dr. Pileggi is a Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.