Reflexology Certification

For those students interested in learning Reflexology, Lourdes Institute offers a comprehensive Reflexology Certification Program, which has been around since the infancy of the school.

The Reflexology Certification at Lourdes Institute includes instructional class hours and documented independent practice. Students must complete the Reflexology Certification program and pass the LIWS exam to be eligible to take the National Reflexology Examination.

Students graduating from the 145 hour Reflexology Certification program will be eligible to join The Reflexology Association of America and also sit for the National Reflexology Certification Exam given by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Although this exam is not a requirement for students to practice in the State of New Jersey, it does serve as a measure of credibility for our graduates and we encourage this course of action.

  • Reflexology Program can be taken as part of a dual certification program as well with the wholistic massage practitioner program – please contact Dr. Pileggi for more information at [email protected]