4 Simple Allergy Reliefs

There are many types of allergies, including those caused by foods, pollens, chemicals and environmental factors. The following recommendations are for hay-fever-type allergies that affect sinuses and have cold like symptoms.

If you know you are allergic to something, obviously try to stay away from it. This applies to foods, dust, mold, cat or dog hair, synthetic fabrics and chemicals such as those found in cleaning supplies. When the pollen count is high try to stay indoors and use an air conditioner that has a clean filter. Also I recommend you get tested for allergies at least once every five years.

Easy Quick Relief Methods:

Acupressure – Use the following sequence of pressure points around your nose, eyes and forehead to relieve sinus headaches, pressure and congestion.

  1. Press at various points around the eye sockets, using your thumbs for the upper points and your middle fingers for the lower points. Do not press hard around the eyes. You will find several natural depressions that help locate the points for you. Press both sides simultaneously for three to five seconds, release, and repeat twice.
  2. Press along the bottom edge of the cheekbones. Press with three-finger pressure on both sides. Again, press for three to five seconds, release and repeat twice.
  3. Use three fingers to press on the temples, in a straight line from the corner of the eye toward the ear. Use medium pressure at most, pressing and releasing.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils for allergies include eucalyptus, pine, rosemary, mint, chamomile, and lavender. Tea tree oil is also effective. The easiest way to use these oils is with a diffuser. Read labels of oils for details on how they should be used as their concentrations vary.

Herbs – the following herbs are good for hay fever: sage, ginger, mint, burdock, and green plantain leaf. To use any of these herbs, make a tea infusion using about ½ teaspoon of the herb per cup of boiling water, and drink two or three times a day while symptoms last.

Hydrotherapy – I always say simple is better. Many look puzzled when I tell them just standing a while in a hot shower is very effective when dealing with allergies. One it washes any allergen that may be on you away and second the steam produced clears your nasal passages.

Obviously there are many more in-depth ways of dealing with allergies, but hopefully these four simple measures will help you effectively deal with those annoying flare ups we all suffer from time to time. Remember the importance to get testes at least once every five years, as we sometimes build an immunity to old allergies and find out we have new ones that we never knew of.