What is Reflexology? How to become a Reflexologist?

Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies is one of the leading reflexology schools in the area.  We stand behind our reflexology certification curriculum as being one of the most well rounded available.  We hope this information helps guide your choice to join one of the best reflexology schools in the region.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or request to speak to an instructor!

What is Reflexology?

What is Reflexology, How to Learn Reflexology, Reflexology CertificationReflexology emerged historically in many different lands and cultures- from India, China, and Egypt to the North American Indian plains.   Reflexology is the ancient art of using the thumbs, fingers and hands to target points on the feet, hands, and/or the ears. These points correlate to every organ, gland, and system of the body.  Applied pressure to these areas have a beneficial affect to the organs. The feet or the hands act as a microcosm of the entire body.

The Reflexologist looks for tiny deposits in the tissues that can affect nerve flow, lymph and blood flow, and energy flow as well.  With specific manipulations, the practitioner can soften, pulverize, and flush out these deposits to deliver balance and rejuvenation to the targeted organs and systems in the body.  Reflexology is a wholistic modality in that all systems are incorporated and balanced.  It is quite relaxing to receive this treatment and there are no dangerous side effects!

There have been several studies funded by the National Cancer Institute that indicate that reflexology may reduce symptoms and enhance physical functioning for cancer patients.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Though a reflexologist does not diagnose or prescribe, a series of reflexology treatments can help the body with relieving stress and rebalancing health.  Reflexology Research has shown it to be effective in decreasing inflammation, increasing the immune response, detoxifying the body, and assisting with metabolism.

  • Learn how to become a reflexologistRelieving Stress and Fostering Relaxation
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Nervous System Stimulation and Improved Nerve Function
  • Reduce Headaches
  • Remove Toxins
  • Assists with Cancer Treatment
  • Overall Improvement in Health

There are reflexology protocols for almost every condition. These protocols are taught in our Reflexology Certification Program.

Personally, I have found reflexology to be quite effective with managing symptoms in Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, Auto-immune disorders such as Lupus, Insomnia, Depression, and glandular disorders.  Check out this link to see an impressive listing of reflexology research: reflexology-usa.org/reflexology-research/

How to learn Reflexology?

Sister Mary Em McGlone, a Medical Mission Sister and nurse, taught me reflexology back in the 1980’s at Rosemont College’s Health Perspective Program and my new healing path began!  Since then, I have studied the Ingham Method of Reflexology with Dwight Byers, Vertical Reflexology Therapy with Lynn Booth, The Manzanares Method with Dr. Jesus Manzanares, Meridian Reflexology with Lillian Tibshraeny-Morten, Foot Reading with Mauricio Kruchik, Korean Hand Therapy with Dan Lobash, and several other styles as well.  I am certified by The American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) in both feet and hands.

To learn reflexology or to earn your reflexology certification, Lourdes is one of the leading reflexology schools where you can easily apply online!  You can even schedule a tour of the facilities.  The reflexology program I have been teaching since 1993 was the first approved by the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET).   I have been a member of The Reflexology Association of America for many years.

Lourdes Institute offers a comprehensive reflexology certification program and includes instructional class hours and documented independent practice.


How to become a Reflexologist?

Learn how to become a Reflexologist, Reflexology CertificationLourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies is one of the leading reflexology schools in the area.  Not only can you learn reflexology, but Lourdes is unique in that we teach more than one style of reflexology.  We also include an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine with attention to the meridian points on the feet and hands, distinct from reflexology points.  The three-level course of study can be completed within a year’s time and it will prepare the graduate to sit for the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) examination to become nationally certified.  The ARCB is the testing agency for the field of reflexology.

Massage students can also take the Reflexology Courses along with their massage training for dual certification.  Reflexology can be a great service to add to your catalog of massage techniques and services for your clients.

Reflexology is a wonderful tool for helping others in these stressful times.  It really helps calm those 7200 nerve endings on the bottom of the foot and, indeed, works through the nervous system especially.  It is such a wonderful way to explore and step into bodywork for the first time.  And you can do reflexology on yourself!

– Corinne A. Corcoran, Ed.D., LMT, ARCB, NCBTMB


Corinne A. Corcoran, Ed.D., M.Ed., AAEd., NCBTMB, is certified in massage, Ayurveda, Reiki , Vibrational Healing, and Applied Kinesiology. She is certified by The American Reflexology Certification Board in both foot and hand reflexology. ACARET has approved her as an instructor of reflexology. She is a member of AMTA and The Reflexology Association of America. Corinne is the author of My Forever Home: A Child’s First Book of Yoga. With a doctorate from Temple University, she has enjoyed teaching at Lourdes Institute for over twenty years.