Name: Susan Fulton
Title/Position: Offfice Representitive & Assistant
Department: Lordes Institute of Wholistic Studies

Faculty Bio

Susan Fulton is the Coordinator’s Assistant for Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies. She is also a 2011 graduate of LIWS with her certificate in Wholistic Massage Therapy. Sue’s background is in the medical, and corporate worlds. She has her own private practice and also works for Lourdes Wellness Services as a massage therapist. She employs various massage modalities in each session to optimize results for her clients. She is nationally certified and licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


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Course IDCourse NumberCourse Name InstructorRoom NumberDaysTimeCreditsPrerequisites
AT-01 Click for Details Assessment Techniques and Treatment Strategies See Brochure . Hours: 24 Therapeutic Massage, S&F I and II, Palpation & Kinesiology and Specialized Massage Techniques
AUT-01 Click for Details Auricular (Ear) Therapy See Brochure Hours: 8
MAS-241 Click for Details Business Management for the Massage Professional 2
BPR-01 Click for Details Business Practices for Reflexologists . . Hours: 8
CSF-01 Click for Details Case Study—Feet See Brochure Hours: 10 Doc. Hours
CSH-01 Click for Details Case Study—Hands See Brochure Hours: 10 Doc. Hours
CPR-01 Click for Details CPR/First Aid See Brochure Hours: 8
VF-01 Click for Details Creative Vinyasa Flow: Practicing With Your Teachers See Brochure . Hours: 4
DPH-01 Click for Details Documented Practicum Hours See Brochure Hours: 77 Doc. Hours
FDY-01 Click for Details Five Day Yoga And Meditation Retreat See Brochure . Hours: 30
FHA-01 Click for Details Foot/Hand Anatomy See Brochure Hours: 38 hours
ID-01 Click for Details Infectious Diseases See Brochure Hours: 4
Sanskrit III Click for Details Module III - Sanskrit Study Saturday & Sunday, 4/16 - 4/17 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 14 hours
NTR-01 Click for Details New Trends in Reflexology See Brochure
PR-01 Click for Details Pathology for Reflexology See Brochure Hours: 30
PHR-01 Click for Details Preparation For Hand Reflexology Certification Exam See Brochure Hours: 5 Foot/Hand Anatomy
PEB-01 Click for Details Professional Ethics for the Bodyworker See Brochure Hours: 6
REF-1 Click for Details Reflexology I See Brochure Hours: 16
REF-02 Click for Details Reflexology II See Brochure Hours: 24 Reflexology I
REF-03 Click for Details Reflexology III/Eastern Theory See Brochure Hours: 16 Reflexology II, Foot/Hand Anatomy
SFF-01 Click for Details Scalp/Face-Hand/Foot Massage See Brochure Hours: 16 Therapeutic Massage
MAS-240 Click for Details Specialized Massage Techniques See Brochure . 3 MAS-200
TTM-01 Click for Details Techniques and Teaching Methodology See Brochure . Hours: 15 6 months of regular yoga practice